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Studio Etiquette

At Bikram Yoga Yonge, we practice yoga etiquette to show respect for ourselves, our peers and our teachers.

  • Arrive Early. Classes start and end on time, late comers are not permitted. Please be on your mat with everything you need two minutes prior to the teacher entering the yoga room.
  • No Scents Please
  • No Cell Phones, Watches, Excess Jewellery or Personal belongings in the yoga room
  • Our studio is a shoes off environment. If you choose, you can bring indoor flip flops or slippers to wear in the lobby, change rooms and showers, but no indoor shoes in the yoga room please.
  • No coloured sports drinks in the yoga room.
  • Stay until the end of class. It is important for your health, personal benefit and the energy of the group.
  • Honour the silence of the yoga room. Please no talking, moaning or loud noises in the studio
  • Be a good role model. Practice your stillness and discipline between poses. Notice if you are in front of a beginner, they will follow you.
  • Leave no trace. Please deposit trash, recycling, mats and towels in their proper place. Bring home your clothes, water bottles and equipment.
  • Respect the space of others. Keep your body, sweat and belongings on or near your mat during class.
  • Follow along with the teacher. Try your best in each posture. Focus on what you can do now, rather then what you can’t do yet.
  • Please reserve additional postures or stretches until after final savasana.

Enjoy Yourself! This is a life changing practice. It is challenging, important and serious, but also lot of fun!

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